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    A Widespread Problem Deserves An Accessible Solution

    Hormone imbalances are a drag to almost all of us at one point or another.

    The majority of women in menopause experience hot flashes, night sweats, and a host of other symptoms. About 10% of women suffer with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which brings its own array of problems. Of course, we all get older, and hormone declines happen with age, leaving us feeling a little less… us than we used to. Even young people often struggle with issues like hormonal acne.

    At Smoky Mountain Naturals, we believe that an issue as common as hormone imbalance deserves answers that are understandable, intuitive, and affordable.

    You'll see that commitment reflected in our guides and products. We want you to know what you need and why. And when it's time for you to get started, you'll find that our products are priced so that nobody is excluded from the relief that they provide.

    We think that the decision between natural and artificial is a no-brainer.

    In fact, we believe that synthetic chemical exposure is one of the biggest reasons that hormone imbalances have become so prevalent in the first place. So why would we want more of the same in our hormone balance solutions?

    Everything we sell is made with great intentionality, and with the goal of bringing you the purest, most natural products possible. That's why we feature products like DIM (an extract from cruciferous vegetables), and Estro-Aid (Our all-natural herbal menopause relief product).

    Our hormone supplements are also crafted to instill complete confidence. Every single product we sell is soy-free, non-GMO, and dairy-free. We also offer a version of our Estro-Life and Progesto-Life creams that are free of paraben-class preservatives.

    Your supplement choice is important. At Smoky Mountain Naturals, nothing is more critical than providing only the finest, most natural, effective products.

    Keeping It Real

    Bio-identical Emphasis

    Most of us understand that hormone deficiencies often need to be supplemented in order to correct the problems that they bring.

    What too many of us don't know is that the hormones in pharmaceuticals are engineered, synthetic versions of those hormones. The chemical structure has been altered from what our bodies produce naturally.

    You will never find a synthetic hormone in any Smoky Mountain Naturals product. Our supplements contain only bio-identical hormones that are culled from nature, and chemically identical to what our bodies produce naturally.

    We don't want to sell you. We want to serve you.

    It all starts with information. On our homepage, you'll find our simple guides to get you started. And in our library you'll find dozens of original articles designed to provide you all the information necessary to determine exactly what you need to thrive.

    When you need a more personal touch, our customer service team is dedicated to providing it. Every question is important to us, and odds are good that we have a resource that's perfect for you.

    And if you do decide that one of our products is the answer, we stand behind you. Everything we sell is meticulously formulated and crafted, and every purchase is always 100% guaranteed, no matter what. If you aren't thrilled, we don't want you to pay. It's that simple.

    Built To Serve